Do Staff Photos Matter?

Let’s be honest, you’ve read that and thought – why bother with staff photos?  It’s not 1984 and there’s no wall with everyones mug shot, sorry, the staff photos, hanging up of everyone in the business anymore – right?

Well, that might be true for some businesses but let’s dive into why the modern version of the staff photos can make a big difference to your marketing reach this year.

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(Staff photos matter)

We live in a very modern digital world with everything at your finger tips,  and yet one of the most overlooked areas when dealing with businesses  is remembering that these brands and businesses are comprised of people. People working together to create ‘better’ in some form or another.

The thing about having team photos, either grouped or individually, is that it instantly humanises your business.  You appear more approachable, more authentic and more trustworthy.

With today’s more relaxed approach to how we are seen, you no longer need to only stick to the standard corporate headshots either, you can inject a bit of your brands own personality instead, driving that relationship building process futher.

Staff photos can be utterly transformational and hugely powerful in regards to your marketing, online or otherwise, so let me give you a few reasons why and how to use them..

Meet the Team/About Us

Potential clients often seek out a Team or About page on your website to gauge the essence of your business. The professional photos featured on these pages seamlessly merge to reflect your company’s values. From the attire and lighting to the backdrop and staff expressions, every element collaborates to articulate a distinctive message about your company.
Staff photos matter in your brand photography

Promotes Authenticity

Using authentic images of your actual employees in action, rather than relying solely on stock photos, enhances trust and authenticity on your website. This approach provides clients and potential clients with a genuine glimpse into your company’s operations, creating stronger understanding of your services. 

Why Staff Photos matter

Strengthens Connections

Using shots of your team on social media tends to generate higher engagement compared to using stock images. These shots can be used to create employee spotlights, unleash specific or fun stories from within the brand and to build simple connections to your audience.  

Staff photos matter in your marketing

Investing in brand photography that shows your team as individuals is a really useful way of marketing your brand and the product/service you provide.  These images create that sense of human connection that so many really appreciate in order to feel aligned with your brand enough to buy from you.

Do you need any more reason?

Rachel x


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