Immediate Steps to Take with Your Brand Photos

The biggest mistake I see clients make when they get their new brand photos is really simple.

Brand photography is a valuable investment for both you and your business, it’s an effective way to increase your audience and sell your offers/services effortlessly.   Consistency is key when it comes to your audience. Being present helps you remain in the forefront of your people’s minds, ensuring that they think of you first when it’s time to invest.

So what’s that biggest mistake?

Not using those new Branding photos!

Let’s look at some fuss-free ways to make sure you don’t make that mistake by making a plan in advance.  By having a plan in place for that magical moment you get your shiny new shots, you’ll be in a much stronger position to not fall down that silly mistake route…

Here’s 5 quick hacks to help you as soon as those shots land from your photographer.

Download & Save

As soon as they arrive, create a new folder and name it in such a way that makes it really quick and easy to identify what they are.

2023 Woodland Shoot
2023 Q3 Launch
2023 Christmas Campaign

Then you have then at your finger tips for social media, website, printed media and more.

Change Profile Pic

Start changing your Profile Picture on social media sites and keep them all identical, again a simple step that builds brand recognition and helps to develop a real relationship with your ideal clients.

It’s amazing how a simple refresh like this can lift the interest/engagement to your platforms.

Add to Canva 

By adding them to your Canvas account (or other similar Apps) it instantly gives you the buzz to start planning their use.  If you aren’t using this really great tool, then sign up for the free option – it’s the perfect place for creating graphics that establish brand recognition and cohesiveness for your audience.  You seriously don’t need to be a graphics designer to use it, with so many templates you can adapt.

Plan Content

You now have some bespoke images so it’s the perfect time to plan how to keep using your brand photos in a consistent way. There are many ways to convert followers into clients, such as making Reels, carousel posts, Stories, Pinterest Pins, email marketing, blog posts, etc.

Log into your favourite scheduling tool (I love Metricool) and begin to make best use of what you have.

Website Time!

For many of you this was probably a driver to have the brandshoot in the first place.  Either because your existing shots were old and products/services shown have changed, or you were using many stock images from an internet site.

Time to update the Home page, About Me page, Contact page and, of course, products and services where appropriate.

I hope these 5 simple tips give you the confidence to act straight away with your new brand photos and to not let them sit in a corner of your hardrive gathering virtual dust….

Rachel x