We’re all now Pro’s at this Lockdown thing, even if we don’t want to be.  We’ve become even better jugglers, bakers, scientists and motivators than ever before.  We’ve brought different routines to our lives, discovered ways to keep in touch, we’ve learnt tonnes of stuff, got outside more, found some incredible resources online and for many it’s been a way to look at what is truly important too.

It’s been pretty clear that we’ve missed each other. Even the simplest of things like hanging out with cuppa and a cupcake together, either in a coffee shop or in each others homes, have been really difficult to do at times.

I’m going to show you 3 really simple photography tips and challenges that can help you too!  Things you can do with it to create even stronger memories and naturally gain some extra skills with your camera or phone along the way.


Everything I’m putting forward will help with creative skills and can be applied to anyone at all – whatever the age, even if I reference a particular age group below there’s no reason why anyone and everyone can do any of them.  The most important part is to take your camera with you wherever you go.  The joy of a modern smart phone is that you have seriously lightweight mobile camera that quickly and easily will take everyday photos to keep your memory bank topped up.

📷 The Covid Challenge

Think laterally here and capture the moments that completely show the essence of the pandemic – whether its people in streets with their masks on, queues for shops, TV broadcasts that changed the Nation’s direction, your kids during a home schooling moment, Zoom moments – even the tantrums.  Each one tells a story with how you lived during this time.

📷 Give the Kids a Project

With a low cost ‘point and shoot’ camera, or a phone camera if they have access to one, give your kids a weekly ‘word’ as a project to photograph and see how creative they can be.  You could give them a wide topic, such as animals or colours, or you could go really specific and say birds or blue.  At the end of the week go through what they photographed, discuss how they found what they shot and why they chose to photograph it and you could even create a photo book from these projects too.

📷 Photo Books

I’m betting that loads of you took lots of phone photos in 2020 – why not create a photo book and document a year that will go down in history or just consider the kids, they don’t stay small for long!  You could take a snap on the 1st of every month of them, just get every single one of those stages documented.  You just don’t notice the changes right in front of you, but in a photo book those changes are instantly obvious and you can cherish the changes more too.  There are so many brilliant companies in the UK that offer a creation and print service via apps or direct from the phone.  Check out sites like My-Picture Snapfish and even Tesco do great options at everyday prices.

The point about all of these options is you’ll see things in a different light and by printing things off and creating books you are truly embracing the challenges, become more aware of your surrounds, be more creative and you’ll have something to look back at properly in years to come and even hand the books and prints down.  You’ll look up and see a friend again, or a favourite view, or the scene of a hectic family picnic or crazy BBQ on the beach.

Digital stuff get’s destroyed too easily.   Photos get ‘lost’ from smart phone to smart phone and there’s days you can’t remember your password to any Cloud option!

What better way to live your life than to look up from your home workspace and see a friend again,  a favourite view, or the scene of a hectic family picnic or crazy BBQ on the beach, all through the photos that cheer up your walls and surfaces.

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For now,

Rachel x

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