Content throughout the Year

You’ve totally understood that it’s really easy to improve your presence online by having a brand shoot.  Those 3 hours have delivered you a fabulous library of your very own photos that you can use in so many ways, both online and offline. However, as humans, we change & develop much like the seasons & world around us.

Things can change fast too within a business.

Over time our brand’s change, and so do we.   An amazing shoot done in Spring might not always deliver content that’s relevant in Autumn. It’s not always a great look to be discussing winter plans when the photos of you have you swinging on a gate post surrounded by daisies.

You may move to different premises, maybe have new staff members on board, or we may add a new product line or service offering.

Physically we change too – changes of hairstyle for example.  

In simple, having some depth to your photo library creates a much easier way to plan your content.  You’ll also find as a result you’ll have more Evergreen content within your realms too.  If you haven’t read about Evergreen content then flick to this 5 minute read here.

So how can you combat this problem?

Get a Seasonal Subscription

Plumping for a subscription package where you receive multiple shoots over a 12 month period is a great way to combat all of the above.  It provides you with some really strong focus if you are a brand that wants to launch new lines too.  

The flexibility of being able to have options like this gives you greater depth to your bespoke library.  

It keeps the non-evergreen content fresh.

I offer a multi-shoot subscription package with my ‘Seasonal You’ package that gives you 4 shoots over a 12 month period.  These are slightly shorter sessions than a standard brand shoot with me as we are simply updating & refreshing areas.   Keeping things enticing for your audience too.

With me there’s scope to create a totally bespoke subscription package over a time scale & frequency to suit you – just ask!

Many of my clients believe subscriptions are brilliant, offering them really great value for money.

Have fun with your content creation!

Rachel x