On Location…. George Bannister

George and I have known eachother for a few years now. I’ve worked with him on a number of occassions, primarily through his property development brand Black Oak with two of his incredible holiday lets, The Old Chicken House and Otterhead House.  But there’s an incredible backstory to this Somerset man.  One that will inevitably cause a few jaws to drop.

That was certainly the case back in 2019 when at a Hiho & Co event at Forde Abbey when George was a guest speaker for us.

Let me explain…

Business coach George Bannister at Otterhead House in Somerset
Business coach George Bannister at The Old Chicken House in Somerset
Business Coach George Bannister at Otterhead House in Somerset

Developing his Future

I’m going to time-hop here.

George has transformed a number of properties over the years and today he still owns 2 of them.  Each one an exceptional quality holiday let located in the Blackdown Hills of Somerset.  A bijou bolt hole for couples – The Old Chicken Shed – and the impressive Otterhead House which sleeps 12.   George chose to document the full process for both properties via YouTube – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Brutally honest at times but hugely enlightening with a real insight to the processes he had with both.  Tenacity and hard work winning through.

Before all of this, in 2011 George and his cousin Will set up Blackdown Shepherd Huts.  A period of his life he has fond memories of and where he initially delved into using video for business and gaining bucketloads of experience with manufacturing processes and marketing.  He finally decided to leave to pursue his desire with property renovation and development.  

Today he has stepped into the coaching world thanks to his vast and proven CV and a desire to give others the support they need to.

But 13 years ago, George was ‘residing’ at Her Majesty’s pleasure in HMP Exeter.

Business coach George Bannister
Business coach George Bannister at Otterhead Lakes in Somerset
Business coach and property developer George Bannister by Rachel Collins Photography

Learning from Experience

You weren’t expecting that, were you!

Neither was his audience at the Hiho & Co day.

Not only was George in prison, he was embarking on that horrific stage of his life with an immediate cold turkey path from alcohol, cocaine and heroin.  Quite the concoction.  Can you imagine?  I know I can’t.  

One of the things you’ll hear George say today is he learnt about a lot of things the HARD way.  

He also, quite amazingly, states that he is extremely grateful for everything that happened whilst in prison. Grateful!

He learned about respect, karma and gratitude and much more besides no doubt.

Today, he’s clean and hasn’t had a drink in over 13 years.  He was a founder of Blackdown Shepherd Huts, still runs a very sucessful property development company, owns 2 much sought after Holiday Let’s and for many months of the year is living his dream in Bali – coaching business minds across the world and learning to surf the best waves he can find.

That’s a hell of a turnaround!!

It’s a turnaround driven by hard work, appreciation and the want/ability to push past the ugly/frustrating stuff in order to find a better way, a happier way and a more fulfilling way.

So if you need that kick in business, George could be the coach to give you the experienced guidedance to helping you achieve your goals.

You can reach him through a variety of ways, all listed below.

Thanks for reading.

Rachel x