On Location…. Mind & Body Massage

Treating the mind and body holistically has been the speciality of Danish-born Puk Johansen for many years. We first worked together back in 2020 when Covid restrictions were lifting and making life a little easier for small businesses.

Initially operating from 2 different locations Puk has now centred her time in Crewkerne, a beautiful Somerset town full of stone-built buildings and mentioned in the Doomsday Book.  The historic town and the age-old benefits of holistic treatments combine well together, but there’s cutting-edge technology on offer with Puk too.

Earlier in 2023 we caught up once more to update her brand images.

Hot stone therapy with Puk from Mind & Body Massage in Crewkerne
Mind and Body Massage owner Puk at work.
A warm table with soft blankets await you at Mind and Body Massage in Crewkerne

From Top to Toe

A heated couch with a soft, fluffy blanket awaits those needing a little time to remove built-up stresses or relieve aches and pains.  Puk is on hand to provide the right option for your body’s needs.  

Maybe it’s about keeping your body moving easily with regular treatments for your body.  A soothing hand massage could be the way to wave goodbye to another long week and hello to the weekend.  With additional options that include Deep Oscillation Therapy (aka Physiopod), Emmett Technique, Oncology Massage, Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage, and more, there’s something for your individual body’s needs.

Did you know there are some very healthy reasons behind massages, including…

• Improves flexibility and joint mobility
• Reduces tension in the muscles
• Improves quality of sleep
• Releases endorphins which enhance your mood
• Stimulates movement of the lymphatic system
• Relieves pain
• Reduces anxiety, depression and stress
• Reduces joint aches
• Lowers blood pressure
• Enhances immune system
• Increases circulation
• Reduces the side effects of cancer treatments

Hand massage from Mind and Body Massage in Crewkerne

Putting a Spring in your Step

Watching Puk provide a nourishing hand and arm massage during our shoot was mesmerising for me, but full of surprising information too.  Puk explained some of the benefits of what looks like such a simple massage but actually provides some incredible relief.

Reduce pain associated with arthritis in arms and hands.
Soothe and soften tired, and overused muscles such as repetitive strain injury.
Moisturise and improve the condition of the skin.
Release endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers)
Promote deeper relaxation thus improving sleep.
Improve circulation by pumping oxygen into the hand.
Reduce anxiety and stress.
Better clenching strength.

What better way to finish a healthy massage session than with an uplifting manicure or pedicure to put a spring in your step.  Puk will send you back outside feeling a different person than the one that walked in.  

It was wonderful to work with Puk again earlier this year.  Updating her photography library for her social media needs and showcasing some of the new therapies she’s become trained in since we last met.  Lovely to also now have images of this bubbly, fun-loving, kind soul without a Covid mask in sight this time!

Thanks for reading.

Rachel x

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