3 Easy-Peasy Business Tips

Being in business can at times feel ridiculously hard, can’t it.  You start to get to grips with one of the many roles you are supposed to be doing, think you’re nailing it & suddenly some ugly troll like creature shows up to give you a million reminders of all the other things you are yet to start/finish etc.   I feel your frustrations on this front & want to share some of the things I’ve learnt in the 10 years I’ve been working for myself.  The things I try to come back to when things get crazy.

Some you may know – but it never hurts to be reminded of them.

Some may give you a lightbulb moment for what you can change.

Let’s have a look at my top 3 tips.

Lesson/Tip 1 – Don’t do it all!

Honestly, just don’t.  Burn out is real & whilst we all often want to single handedly prove to all that we can sail this ship ourselves, at times, that’s the most unpractical & potentially damaging thing you can attempt.

You didn’t start this business to be a Jack of all Trades.

You probably started it because you had the ability to solve a problem for someone else.  You have your own skills/zones of genius, but not even Bill Gates or Alan Sugar can do this stuff entirely on their own, forever.

The smart thing to do is draw upon the experience or ability of others in order to release yourself to do other things.  Seriously delegate the shit out of things wherever you can & as soon as it makes business sense too.

Lesson/Tip 2 – Stay in your Lane

Social media & the online world can be the most incredible source of inspiration for many businesses.  BUT it’s also a place you can quickly get lost down a rabbit hole in, a place where your energy can be easily zapped by needless comparisons.

It’s full of noise.
It’s full of distractions.

Learning to stay in your lane can be a key part of running your brand.  A great tip is to remind yourself of your Why.   Of what makes you the right choice for so many.  Remember that you are your very own USP & while there is competition out there, maybe even locally, it’s your role is to be the best & to attract your true customer, not theirs.

Lesson/Tip 3 – Get Support!

My brand went from strength to strength once I surrounded myself by the right people.  Well meaning back slappers & pom pom wavers aren’t enough either, however nice it may feel at first.

I thoroughly recommend having some truly successful people in your inner circle, the ones who can inspire you, the ones who have real first hand experience in situations like your own.

They don’t need to be multi-millionaires or running great empires, they just need to be able to give you legitimate, first hand relatable advice that motivates your world when Monday feels like a 4 letter word.

I’ve found it’s the quieter ones who aren’t screaming about their own ability that make the best mentors for me, but you may well need a more gung-ho support network.

Keep life as simple as you can as a brand owner, you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Thanks for reading & if you need help in this area, or know someone who’d really benefit from a Premium Personal Brand Photography session, then please do get in touch today.

Until next time…

Rachel x