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5 Things to Check before Booking a Photographer

5 Things to Check before Booking a Photographer I've been a photographer since 2013, specialising in Brands since 2018.  Over this time I've been lucky to have lots of returning clients but naturally there are many new clients too and for many of these it's their first time even exploring the option of [...]

Do Staff Photos for Businesses Matter?

Do Staff Photos Matter? Let's be honest, you've read that and thought - why bother with staff photos?  It's not 1984 and there's no wall with everyones mug shot, sorry, the staff photos, hanging up of everyone in the business anymore - right? Well, that might be true for some businesses but let's [...]

Effective Seasonal Photography

What is Seasonal Photography? You want to make the most of your brand shoot. No, scratch that, you NEED to make the most out of your brand shoot. Whoever you have it with. I've mention the general benefits of having year round/seasonal photos to use within your brand content marketing in a previous blog, [...]

3 Reasons a Brand Shoot Should be Part of 2024 Marketing Plans

3 Reasons why a Brand Shoot should be part of your 2024 Marketing Plan There's always a ton of things you start to think about when planning a new year in business isn't there.  Sometimes those few days we allow ourselves 'off' work over the December festive period can be the most productive [...]

How to Effectively use Photos in your Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing Digital marketing is a broad term that encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. It involves various online channels and platforms to connect with customers where they spend much of their time: online. Digital marketing includes a wide range of strategies aimed at promoting products, [...]

Immediate Steps to Take with Your New Photos

Immediate Steps to Take with Your Brand Photos The biggest mistake I see clients make when they get their new brand photos is really simple. Brand photography is a valuable investment for both you and your business, it's an effective way to increase your audience and sell your offers/services effortlessly.   Consistency is key when [...]

Essential Photography for Fitness/Wellbeing Coaches & Practitioners

Set the Energy Photography can be a wonderfully valuable tool for fitness coaches like you to showcase your skills, promote your services, and create engaging content for your online presence. Where to begin how best to emphasise your expertise, your specific skills, your 'thing' - well that's where I can step in. Let me [...]

Essential Photography for Holiday Lets

Planning & Creating There's a way to capture engaging imagery for your holiday let.  Images that will answer questions, entice the viewer and have them looking for the availability calendar.   The great thing is that whether you have a vast property that will sleep a family or two, a pretty chocolate box cottage [...]

What are Incognito Brand Photos?

What are Incognito Brand Photos? Incognito photos are an ideal way for me to shoot you (or your team) with the products you make or to demonstrate the service you offer, without being fully identified in brand photos.   This simple, but highly effective way of creating additional images for your brand can give [...]

Why Subscription Package Brand Shoots Work!

Content throughout the Year You've totally understood that it's really easy to improve your presence online by having a brand shoot.  Those 3 hours have delivered you a fabulous library of your very own photos that you can use in so many ways, both online and offline. However, as humans, we change & develop [...]

What is Evergreen Content

What is Evergreen? In the world of marketing the phrase Evergreen Content is frequently mentioned, but what actually is it? Why should you always plan to create it as part of your marketing plans. Evergreen content works the whole year round.  It's not topical or seasonal, it doesn't relate to a specific date or [...]

How Photography can Reduce Returns with your Online Sales

Essential to Business One of the known perils of an online retail company is the Risk of Returns.  In a recent report at least 30% of orders are returned, that's a huge difference to products purchased directly in store where the rate is below 10%.  With annual events such as Black Friday & Cyber [...]

3 Lessons Learn

3 Easy-Peasy Business Tips Being in business can at times feel ridiculously hard, can't it.  You start to get to grips with one of the many roles you are supposed to be doing, think you're nailing it & suddenly some ugly troll like creature shows up to give you a million reminders of all [...]

Jubilee Tips – The Story in a Story

The Art of Telling Stories Photographers, other creatives & Marketing teams often talk about 'Storytelling' when discussing branding, whether that's a personal brand or otherwise, but you may be wondering quite what that entails.  We aren't talking about grabbing a book & settling down in a comfy armchair with an avidly waiting audience & [...]

How To – Use Your Headshot Photos

Starchy & Stiff is Dead Before we dive into how to use Headshots & how beneficial they are, I want to briefly cover the overall subject of them. Recognising that having some brand headshots would be a great idea for your business is important - knowing the type of headshot that would demonstrate who [...]