The Absolute Must Have…

Oh my word, if I had a £1 for every time I’m asked this question, or a variation of it, I’d be skipping down the road on the way to buy a new camera or two.

Seriously though, it’s a big question for many so it deserves some time to discuss.

To me there are 3 key sets of images that everyone needs to have in their brand portfolio – let me just quantify that bit though.  When I say ‘3’ I don’t mean just 3 photos and that’s your lot.  I mean 3 areas to focus in on.  These should form the backbone of what you need and what you can then use to build on in other areas.

Miss these key areas out and your content is all a bit wobbly.

Start with these and add the suggestions and you can build around them in other areas to create a really fabulous content library all of your own and all highly relevant to you and your business.

So that’s the 3 really key areas to focus in on when starting to consider your next brand shoot.  Make notes, talk to your photographer about these and more and you can really start to build a great stock library of you own for use all year round.  When you plan like this you’ll find the return on your investment will really pay off.

If you’re ready to invest in the future of your business with great on brand photos then get in touch today.

Until next time…

Rachel x