I’m not being rude… but

You need a photographer for a planned event or for a campaign you have coming up.  It feels like a minefield to you and you aren’t sure where to begin.  You Google ‘Photographers Near Me’ or maybe you’ve spoken to a friend or work colleague you know used a photographer recently, you’ve got some options now.


Before you make contact with those names, take a little extra time to work out just what you want AND, more importantly, if the photographer you have the details for actually offers a photographic service for that.

But what the heck does that mean?

I want to give you 3 simple reasons why the photographer you are about to contact might not be THE photographer for you – and this includes me too.


… that’s just not my thing


Photographers tend to specialise in a specific genre of photography.   By doing this they increase their ability to become experts in their fields by honing their skill, tailoring photographic kit to best suit that genre, market themselves accordingly & ultimately deliver in a far more consistent way.

As examples a photographer could be a Newborn Photographer or a Wedding Photographer, a Commercial Photographer, A Portrait Photographer, an Event Photographer or a Brand Photographer – like me.

Some Photographers offer a couple of genres if their individual personal interest expands that way or the 2 subjects sit well together – so you may have someone that offers Newborn & also Family Portrait Photography, or Weddings & Event Photography.

So if you came to me to cover your wedding or because you wanted some fabulous mantelpiece family shots, I would explain that this isn’t my zone of expertise & normally offer you some alternative photographers to contact.

When you are researching photographers, make sure you are looking for those that offer what you are specifically looking for, not just someone with a camera taking lovely photos!



The cost of photography services can vary hugely.

What services a photographer offers can be affected by experience, regional costs, individual costs of being in business, insurance levels, kit levels  & so much more.  Two local photographers can offer an almost identical product on paper, but there can be a real difference in the cost back to the customer.

It’s an area that photographers are often questioned over & one I’ve spoken about in length over the years with a variety of audiences.  My analogy has always been the same…

You may have the budget for a Ford Fiesta, others will have a budget for a BMW X5.   The theory proves there is market space for many price points, so you’ll find a photographer that meets your own but this could well be a very simple reason why I am not your photographer right now.

That said do your research thoroughly, the price might match your budget but if the car breaks down before it’s off the forecourt or you were promised a certain mpg but get dramatically less, then you’ll feel the product you’ve bought is lacking in substance.

So really look at what you’ll get within your budget & whether there’s added value within the service you are buying too.



Styles in photography is a 2 parter.  There’s the way things are shot & then there’s the way those images are edited.

If you were looking for a family photographer to create you a dynamic, powerful range of posed images within a studio then it’s likely it wouldn’t be the same photographer who chooses to work outside in natural environments & will just prompt you in subtle ways, producing an engaging story.

Let’s say you prefer the more natural look & setting for your family portrait shoot & discover some fabulous photographers who shoot like this & within your price range.  You then need to work out between them who edits the images in a way you really like.

For example, you’ll see photographers whose individual styles have a very light/white/airy feel to them, or their style maybe bright with a really bright pop of colour to them.   Some styles will be rich in contrast. On the whole mine are a little desaturated in colour & have a matt feel to them.

Take the time to work out what style of photography you feel best fits your photography needs & then research photographers that match. If you come to me looking for a dramatically colourful style or posed in a studio then I’m afraid I really am NOT your photographer.