We’ve all taken a selfie haven’t we.  In business, photos of those behind a brand, whether they are a solopreneur or the CEO of a massive company, is really important.  People connect with businesses and each-other faster when they can see the face behind the voice.  A photo of you can build a relationship and strengthen one too.  It’s not always practical to book a professional shoot, and to be honest for social media use I don’t think it’s always necessary either, so in this blog I’m going to give you 5 tips to better your selfies.

The best bit – all these tips can be applied to phone photography too!

Getting a really great selfie is actually quite simple.  You probably don’t believe that statement having put a phone in front of your face before and taken picture after picture after picture to get just one.  Well, to some extent that will be the case and will continue to be the case unless you change what you do.  But do you know you can make a massive difference to how your selfies look AND the time it takes to create a really great one if you just spend a bit of time to learn a few really simple tips.

I promise if you do this your selfies will take on a huge new look, and whether you are creating them for business or commercial use, then your target audience will be suitably impressed too and don’t forget, you don’t need to be dull in your selfies, shaking it up a little can help show your personality too.


Bright light is really not your friend, so please do remember to avoid overhead artificial office/house lights. This alone is a huge step forward as artificial lights create weird colour casts on your face, can cause strange shadows and generally are pretty unflattering.  If you are shooting indoors head to a soft natural light source like a window. You’ll notice that the light at the window will change from morning to afternoon, so find the one that gives you the most flattering option.

If you are shooting outside look for a shady area that is on the edge of a bright spot and play there instead.

Don’t be tempted by flash, it’s a form of artificial lighting and whilst it’s used all the time by professional portrait photographers it’s really a wild beast in the hands of anyone else!


When you set aside some time to learn about angles then you’ll soon find which favour and flatter you the most.  Tilting your head very slightly to one side will make a difference, angling it towards or away from the light will also have an impact on the final shot too.  The amount you tilt or turn could be really minimal but by trying slight variations you’ll learn loads too.


A good rule of thumb is that if it feels awkward to you then it probably looks awkward as well.

Posed shots are often the most rigid, stressy & unattractive, especially if you are not working with a professional photographer.  My best suggestion to not look like a rabbit in headlights or a rock, is to get comfortable, grab something for your hands to hold (even if they aren’t in shot as this will relax your arms) and to practice. Try shooting bursts of photos (you can set your phone to burst rather than single shot) and find the frame that looks natural and that’s probably your best shot to use.

The best smiles are the ones you’d naturally do, especially when no-ones looking or you when are with your friends being yourself.  When you start to ‘adjust’ your natural smile in some way it can look quite odd – it feels odd too. There’s definitely a time for a toned down smile, but in general go for a selfie that show you being naturally cheerful.  Laugh if you want to laugh too, if it’s a genuine laugh as it really shows your personality and radiates in your eyes too.


Most modern phones now have at least 2 cameras on them so my advice here is to use the back camera and not the front one because the back one generally creates sharper, higher resolution photos.  Yep, you’ll have to turn your camera around to do this and you’ll have to practice where to hold the camera (or where to stand in front of the tripod) but it’s really worth the effort to do this.



Tripods can be your best friend and they are really cheap to get, especially for phones. Grabbing this simple tool will stop that awkward selfie arm from giving a weird perspective and it will also give you the space to create fantastic compositions and fool about.

It will also help with camera shake and nobody looks great when they are blurry.

There are some great tracking devices too that can act as both a tripod or follow your motion – perfect for your Instagram Reels too!⁠  A tripod is perfect for doing full length shots which will give you a great variation in the images you can use.

So, 5 really simple tips for you to go away and practise with.  Some will take longer than others to master but they’ll all really help you perfect your selfies too.

Have fun!

Rachel x

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