5 Things to Check before Booking a Photographer

I’ve been a photographer since 2013, specialising in Brands since 2018.  Over this time I’ve been lucky to have lots of returning clients but naturally there are many new clients too and for many of these it’s their first time even exploring the option of a brand shoot. 

I know, from experience talking to new clients, that there are often so many questions floating around their heads that they either panic and just book any photographer, or they wait ’till they feel better, understand better, have more confidence to ask those questions… etc etc.  

I’ve gathered much insight into areas such as this during my time as business photographer so today I’m sharing with you my 5 Top Tips to look out for when you are considering hiring a Brand Photographer! 

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First off, check the photographer’s portfolio. Not all photographers are the same and have experience in working with brands. So find their website and their social media channels.  Some photographers will show very indepth portfolios to you, others will highlight a selection, but it’s important have a really good look.

Doing this will give you a good feel for what the photographer can do and the kind of stories they tell.  I talk about stories a lot, as I feel quite strongly that a great way to photograph a brand is to do it in a way that the viewer understands what the brand is about, not only in the products or service that they offer but also with the brand values  too.

Photography Style

It’s really important to check that the photographer edit in a style that aligns with your preferences or complements your brand’s visual identity?

For instance, does a light and airy editing style suit your brand, or would a darker, moodier edit be more suitable? This decision hinges on your brand’s aesthetic and the desire for a cohesive appearance.  These are just 2 examples of styles.

It’s aways a good plan to share a Pinterest Mood Board with your photographer that visually identifies the style you like.  Some photographers will only edit in their own style, but others (like myself)  are able to edit specifically to a clients needs. 



An important question is whether the photographer handle diverse projects and adapt to varying conditions, or do they specialise in certain areas, for example  products, wedding, food, or newborns? It’s important to ask since some photographers are versatile while others focus exclusively on specific types of sessions.  

We love a personal recommendation, but make sure they cover the area (genre) of photography you need support.  While in theory a good photographer will take a good photograph, having great working knowledge of a particular sector will give one photographer an edge over the one that doesn’t work in that area. 


Communication & Personality

Although I’ve put this as number 4 in my list of Top 5 Tips, I don’t want you to think this is one of the least relavant points.  

When you first discover a photographer, either through recommendation or searching and you find their content, make sure it resonates with you.  Do you understand what they are saying, do the words they use feel like the kind of person you could spend time with.  Does their character come through and do you like that character.  

It might not feel all that relevant to you at this stage, but I can promise you that if the way they communicate doesn’t naturally sit well with you, then it’s highly unlikely you’ll enjoy the experience with them enough to gain some great images together.  

My Nan used to say “One man’s meat is another man’s poison’ and actually this covers many aspects of life!



And so last, but not least – the nitty gritty bits that.  This is definitely an area you should be asking about in advance of booking!  But before you groan too much, remember that this is a cost of business that your accountant can work with from a tax perspective, as it’s tax deductable.

Things to be investigating with your prospective photographer – and this isn’t an exhaustive list.

How much is a brand shoot, how long is the shoot?
Where does it take place?
How many images do you get in your brand shoot?
How & when will I receive my images.

Do I pay in full upfront, or are there the option to pay in stages.
Where can I use the images – can I put them on my website, my socials and can I use them to create printed leaflets or similar?
Are there any limitations on usage?


Investing in brand photography that shows your team as individuals is a really useful way of marketing your brand and the product/service you provide.  These images create that sense of human connection that so many really appreciate in order to feel aligned with your brand enough to buy from you.

Do you need any more reason?

Rachel x


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