6 Ways to Use Your Brand Photos

You’ve had a Brand Shoot, or maybe you are really tempted to get involved, but you aren’t overly sure how best to use the images you’ll get from that shoot.  It’s confusing, so you just don’t bother & that fabulous library of images created just for YOUR brand go wasted.

So let’s have a look at just 6 ways where you can use the images from your Brand Shoot & get the most out of them.

Option 1

The obvious place to start for many is to enhance your website.  Your website is the real-estate that YOU and YOU alone own, so keeping it full of great on brand, relevant images will lead to better conversion rates, particularly on any landing pages.

Option 2

Printed marketing materials – the backbone to many businesses.  You could use them for your business cards, for brochures, for banners, for postcards & flyers.

Option 3

Social Media – the cheapest form of marketing you’ll ever use via platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.  Stratigically used images that compliment the text content of your post will increase your opportunity of engagement.

Option 4

Use the images when creating posts for your blog.  Blogs with photos in them are far more likely to be read & remembered than those just with text.

Option 5

Newsletters & mailers.  Strong imagery can make a great difference, particularly when you are initially launching something.  When newsletters come from YOU then it makes sense for YOU to be seen.  Your face promotes trust as people learn to recognise you & get to know you.

Option 6

Pinterest – this is the king of visual searching.  Thinking of Pinterest as a search engine & NOT a social media platform & using on brand images to create content is a great way to attract another audience.


There’s loads more ways you can be using those images you’ve had commissioned & hopefully these 6 will have got the cogs whirring & you’ll start to think of more ways too.

By using your photos strategically like this you get even more value from the cost of your shoot.

Until next time…

Rachel x