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If you’ve been following this series – Brand Shoots Explained – then you’ll know so far I’ve explained what a Brand Shoot is & how valuable to your business it is & I’ve also got you to think about what images you need & why.

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So let’s look at another area of consideration for a brand shoot – location.

One of the most important factors for any brand, in all their marketing, is to remain authentic & true to theirselves.  If your target audience is rurally based, female & over 50, then creating marketing that depicts city life for those under 30 isn’t going to be the best use of your time, energy or finances.  

It will confuse more than it attracts.

Of course you might get a few new customers, but it’s really not an area you want to sit in so always being mindful of who you are trying to attract should play a part in your images too.  

First consider your existing premises.  Using your own work place is a really strong idea & where possible at least a portion of your shoot would ideally be there.  This is where the daily action takes place & it’s where your target audience can start to build a relationship from too.   However, I fully appreciate that some places just don’t lend themselves well to photographing.  Size can matter for starters, as can light, but the conversation should start here & all options explored first. 

Looking Elsewhere

If the images you are after are more based on a lifestyle & you need to show your product or service in it’s natural context then using alternative locations is really valid.  


It’s REALLY easy to get carried away considering locations for a brand shoot – you see a big fancy house & think “that would be perfect”,  but, would it, really?  Does it fit with your target audience, does it compliment your brand story, the ethos, your messages – does your product or service align with it in some way.  

Yes, aspirational marketing has a strong place, it’s alluring & draws people in, but, for example, if your product or service is squarely in the ‘value’ end of the spectrum then chances are you just alienate by going high end with a location.  If your product wouldn’t normally be seen in those environments, or with those situations, then it just muddy’s the message & can do more damage than good.

It’s worth taking the time to scout for alternative venues that REALLY work for your OWN brand, even those that have an additional direct cost to hire, as the resulting images & feel is worth the effort & individuality you’ll create.

Thanks for reading & if you need help in this area, or know someone who’d really benefit from a Brand Photography session, then please do get in touch today.

In the next of this series we’ll look at outfits & props!

Until next time…

Rachel x