How to Avoid Wasting Money!

Hello again!

Welcome back to my series which explains everything you really need to know about Brand Shoots.  In this latest blog I want to look at how to save you money – yep, that’s right, I want to save YOU money…

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I’m fully aware that in any brand’s infancy money is a real hot topic, so any investment you make needs to make a real difference to you to be worth considering.  It’s super tough trying to spread what money there can be to cover all the things you really want to do!  I’ve been there & so have SO many of my clients too.

Saving 1

One of the ‘light bulb moments’ often discussed by new clients is the realisation of just how much money they are WASTING by trying to make free images work for them.  

Websites that give you ‘free’ photos have a place, but you can literally lose hours of your day trawling through them trying to find even one image that works for you.

A client recently worked out she was saving at least 4 hours a MONTH not having to spend time trying to find the golden egg of an image on a free site. Tot up those hours & you’ll work out how much money they are actually costing you too.

Time saving = financial savings!

Brand Shoot for Country Mouse by Rachel Collins Photography

Saving 2

A client had prepared a brilliant Press Release to push out to relevant local & national press, introducing her brand & what she offered.   A number of publications decided to feature her, so they asked for some supporting photos for the article.  

Thankfully because she had already invested in a brand shoot she knew she had got the perfect images to go with both publications – or any others that come forward.

Imagine how much time away from the office each one of these would have needed for photographs to be done by the publication.  Images that would belong to them, not her.   

Time saving = financial savings!

Saving 3

A client with a new product launch & some additional colour ways wanted to hit the Easter market place ahead of time in order to attract more of her ideal clients in a postal subscription box service.

She was signed up to the annual “Fresh New You’ subscription package with me & had recently had bank of new images featuring the new lines.  She was able to speed up the process of dealing with the features teams in the magazines, gain some perfect exposure which gained her sales.

Additional exposure from sharing the content from those publications gained her further recognition & new clients too.

Time saved = financial saving & financial gain!


Ready to Save?!

So that’s 3 really simple ways that you can save time, energy & money by having your own library of brand images.  One’s that fully reflect you, that speak of your personality, story, ethos & the product or service you offer.

If you want to put yourself in same position that many many brands have with myself, then get in touch today & let’s chat.

Rachel x