Set the Energy

Photography can be a wonderfully valuable tool for fitness coaches like you to showcase your skills, promote your services, and create engaging content for your online presence.

Where to begin how best to emphasise your expertise, your specific skills, your ‘thing’ – well that’s where I can step in.

Let me help you with those essential photography tips.

I always like to suggest that planning any kind of photo shoot is a very beneficial part of the process.  It doesn’t need to be done with any kind of tech if that’s not how your world rolls either – a pen and paper are perfect – and start to brainstorm.

Jot down all the words and values that you associate with yourself, your service and your brand ethos.  Whether you are an individual or a business with multiple employees there will be words that reflect all that you offer.  

Keep thinking and adding in areas that matter, it may even be the key reason you’re considering a brand shoot.  Maybe it’s because you’re updating your website, or maybe you’ve re-positioned yourself in your marketplace and want your marketing to reflect this.  Maybe you’ve re-branded or maybe it’s because you have a specific campaign coming up that you really want to promote – could it be a new 12-week fitness challenge that you want to launch?

Time to focus

By now you’ve started to flood your plans with all kinds of thought processes and that’s fine.  Let’s now look more closely at just 3 areas to consider – ones that will particularly help your photographer in advance. 


Incorporate relevant props and equipment into your photos. This can include items such as mats, resistance bands, Pilates balls, weights, sound bowls or drums and reformer machines.

Including props in your photos can help convey the experience and attract the attention of your target audience.


Pilates photography by Rachel Collins Photography

Capture and use images that demonstrate the various exercises and movements. You can expand on this by highlighting the correct form and posture of both yourself as the coach and your clients.

These images are great to be used to educate and inspire potential clients.




It’s great to shoot images that highlight the positive experience clients have during your pilates sessions.  These images can evoke emotions and convey a sense of community and satisfaction.

If your class are shy, or you require class anonymity, I still have the ability to show aspects of your teachings/coaching without directly showing individuals. 


I hope these overall planning tips and the 3 areas you can really drill into, help you to focus on how to plan your photography shoot.  Whether you do this on a DIY basis or you employ a professional to help, you should have a better idea of what needs to be done in advance to help the photographs life how your property is seen online.

Rachel x