When talking to clients, one of the most frequently mentioned ‘problems’ when considering a brand shoot, is not knowing what to expect, either before, during or after the actual session with your photographer.

So let me help you here, I’ll give you a bit of the process that I now go through with all my business & brand clients.  I’ll take you through each stage & offer some tips on how to get the best from your time with me.


Yep, course you are!

Firstly, hopefully your decision to book a photographer to help you &  your business has been based on some good research.  I’m kind of hoping you didn’t just stick a pin in Google (!) & used the first one.  That may work, but you might want to dig a little deeper into your options first & really ascertain if they are the right photographer to give your brand the lift you feel it needs.


My Ethos

Every Brand deserves be visually strong.


Customer Reviews

You’ve had direct recommendation.
You’ve seen Website/Social Media reviews.


Photography Style

Focusing on the details
Bringing out the emotion
or your brand personality.

If you’ve decided that all of those work for you & you see the value in what I can provide your business, then we are well on the way to getting you feeling more relaxed.

The first thing we do is talk.  We’ll schedule a call so I can really understand more about what you need & you can start to get a feel for me & whether my way of working is right for you.  A call of 20-30 minutes is far more beneficial that back & forth messages on a social platform, texts or emails.  I’ll make plenty of notes & during the call I’ll work out what the best package for you will be & follow that up with a quote via email.

If you decide to proceed, there’s a bit of paperwork to sort, such as Contracts & Booking Fee, but then the fun really starts!

You’ll get a little Workbook from me, nothing intense, but just gets you to put in black & white some of the fundamentals that are important for you as a brand, together with a bit of your back story.  We’ll create some guiding visuals via either a physical mood board or via a virtual one, maybe with Pinterest.  All of this helps to solidify the direction we are going in & my clients love to feel connected to the process.  When I switched to this method at the end of 2021 the difference for all was quite staggering.  A little bit of extra time & effort planning creates SO much more from the content created.

As the date of your shoot gets closer I make contact with you again,  I’ll recap on the basic details of your shoot & we’ll create a list of particular shots I think would be worth exploring alongside your ‘must haves’ that you’ll have given me.

I’ll encourage you to make available specific equipment or props that will enhance some of the images without losing the honesty of a situation too.  For example, if you are a pub selling traditional style pub grub, I’m not about to get you to create a flamboyant dish full of fancy extras that just won’t appear on a customers plate when they order.  That’s wasting my time, your time & ultimately isn’t the true customer experience either.  However having a nice bottle of wine & some glasses is both realistic & creates a nice background story too.  If the shoot is a holiday venue, then think about the other areas that are going to be on show, not just plumping up the cushions or having clean fluffy towels ready, have a wander around and create a list of things you need to have ready or jobs you need to do beforehand – such as remove weeds, deadhead/trim plants & mow the lawns.  We’ll also discuss the option to ‘stage’ certain areas, like dining tables or kitchen tables in order to create the right atmosphere.

We’ll discuss what you might want to wear too. Whilst that really is up to you there are some options that work better than others on the whole, so I’m happy to guide you with this.  Before the day, try your outfits on! It’s important you feel comfortable in front of the camera.  Find outfits that you can quickly & simply change the look by adding a hat or a scarf, changing the jacket for a cardigan/jumper.

The idea after this pre-shoot email has gone out is that you feel totally ready and everything is under control because we’ve both created a plan that suits your needs & will help everything run easier.

Oh, one last tip from me.  Have water to hand.  You’ll be surprised how thirsty you get, so being hydrated keeps the brain flowing well!

Post shoot I won’t desert you either!  You’ll get told straight after the shoot when & how you’ll get your fabulous new image library.  There will be a sneak peak appear on my own social media before that, so you can ready for the main release.  Afterwards I’ll also send you some really helpful social media tips & tools that you can implement straight away with your new images if you like!

I hope this gives you a bit more background & understanding into the process & that you’ll see that it’s nothing to worry about & everything to look forward too!

Until next time…

Rachel x

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