Starchy & Stiff is Dead

Before we dive into how to use Headshots & how beneficial they are, I want to briefly cover the overall subject of them.

Recognising that having some brand headshots would be a great idea for your business is important – knowing the type of headshot that would demonstrate who you are as a person or brand & what message you are looking to portray is the next stage.  Gone are the days when the only headshots being created are those that have you suited & booted in front of a simple background, now you can do just about whatever you like in order to catch the attention of your ideal customer or client.

Having this flexibility to go with what’s right for YOU & not the brand next door, gives you so much more of an individuality in your visual presence – it’s how you’ll stand out in the world of social profiles & brand presence.

Where to Use Your Headshot

If you just aren’t sure how to use them, or just how invaluable a good set of headshots can be for your brand, let’s have a look at the vast number of ways you can incorporate them in to your marketing.  This really is the tip of the iceberg but it should give you some great ideas for using your own & discover their flexibility & value along the way.


*Facebook Profile Picture
*Instagram Profile Picture
*LinkedIn Profile Picture
*Twitter Profile Picture
*YouTube Profile Picture


*About Me Page
*Blog Posts
*Online Courses


*Magazine/Newspaper Articles
*Press Releases
*Email/Direct Mail Marketing
*Column Contributors


*Business Cards
*Seasonal Offers

Now you know their value & the kinds of places you can use your headshots, you’ll see there’s greater value for your images than you thought.   When used in conjunction with the rest of your brand images, you’ll find them a real asset to your online visual presence.

& Finally…..

First impressions do matter. It is nearly always the image that catches the eye first that leads you to read the content.  When both ‘sing’ to your audience they step forward to find out more, or decide to keep a closer eye on you for future needs.

Now, here’s a thought: If you have the opportunity to make a great first impression with your ideal audience, how often would you create a first impression?

I’d hope your response would be “as often as I could”….

Thanks for reading & if you need help in this area, or know someone who’d really benefit from a Brand Photography session, then please do get in touch today.

Until next time…

Rachel x