Is Your Brand Shoot Authentic?

“Is your Brand Shoot Authentic?”

Sounds like a daft question doesn’t it.

I promise you, it’s really not though.

The thing about the internet, and particularly Social Media, is that there is a ton of inspiration out there when you begin to really consider having a brand shoot for your business.  Pinterest will give you some solid ideas, tips & hints and then Instagram is generally full of fabulous photographs of people during their brand shoots – whether it’s a personal brand shoot or a company one.

However, the internet is full of Rabbit Warrens too.  By this I mean it’s really easy to start looking for inspiration and start spiralling down all kinds of burrows that really aren’t overly relevant to you and before you know it you’ve got a ton of stuff written down,  you’ve saved loads of pictures to your Insta account to look at later or Pinned them to your Pinterest account and think that you’ve found a ‘pile of pretty’ to go with.

The reality is that most of what you’ve just saved is probably not relevant to you.

Yes, it’s super pretty.  Yes, it’s been shot in a fabulous place.  Yes, the people in those photo’s look incredible.

But, are those looks & locations relevant to you and your Brand?

Lets have a look at 3 areas you should be aware of when you are planning your next shoot.

These 3 simple areas to consider really are the backbone to creating the Ultimate Brand Shoot.  If you forget, or overlook, these fundamental areas you seriously risk creating a shoot that’s nothing more than a generic looking clutch of images and your brand will fail to stand out in a way that matches it’s voice.

I’d say it could be a pretty expensive mistake too…

If you’re ready to invest in the future of your business with great on brand photos then get in touch today.

Until next time…

Rachel x