The Art of Telling Stories

Photographers, other creatives & Marketing teams often talk about ‘Storytelling’ when discussing branding, whether that’s a personal brand or otherwise, but you may be wondering quite what that entails.  We aren’t talking about grabbing a book & settling down in a comfy armchair with an avidly waiting audience & delivering a tale that leads you into dreamland…

Well, actually we sort of are, just with a twist.

With big events in your life, be it Grand Openings, New Season Launches, Seasonal Campaigns for your brand or business, or on a more personal level with parties & celebrations of all kinds – including a Jubilee here or there – there’s a few tips I’m going to share with you on how to go a beyond the big picture to release additional stories.

Chapters & Scenes

Let’s look at the upcoming Jubilee.  Many of you will reach for your phone or camera to capture friends & family enjoying themselves during this occasion or to show where you’ve been, how you’ve been celebrating. 

To gain the most from your photo’s try to unravel things, little by little.  consider the big stuff, the little stuff & show the emotions you witness along the way.  Try & think about it like it’s a book with chapters or a Film made up of many scenes.  

🎠 Set the scene.  Show where you are – if it’s a garden party, grab a shot that shows as much of the overall setting as possible.
🎠 What things define where you are/what you are attending?   Shoot the jubilee memorabilia, tables & chairs in the road. 
🎠 What are others doing?  Are they in stood in huddles, are they sprawled on blankets, leaning over a roadside barrier waiting.
🎠 What small features can you hone in on?  Photograph the bunting, cakes, the plates of foods, the abandoned sandwich or drinks.
🎠 How are people behaving?  Catch them laughing, singing, putting on music, cheering at the side of the road.

By looking beyond just the obvious you start to create a story of the day, the event, the hour.  You’ll evoke feelings when you look back in the future & you’ll gain more of a sense of occasion during it all too. 

Take a look at the examples in this post to help guide you more.

As you learn to find these additional stories you’ll discover a whole different way to document your day’s out with family & friends & up-skill your photography along the way. 

Thanks for reading & if you need help in this area, or know someone who’d really benefit from a Brand Photography session, then please do get in touch today.

Until next time…

Rachel x