Get Hands On!

In many of my blogs on here or tips on my social media sites you’ll see recommendations as to the types of photos your brand shoot needs to really provide a good all round story for your business & good variation of content to use.  However there is one particular kind of image that time & time again creates a huge amount of natural intrigue with viewers.

Images with hands in them – either your’s or someone else.

That might sound logical to some of you, but it also might not & you may also be wondering the relevance, let me explain…

Hands on

It’s long been a theory of mine that showing hands can have a dramatic effect on how a photograph is seen by the viewer.  Whether that hand is holding something, or creating something, there’s an enormous ‘pull’ by the viewer to find out more.  A recent research into the effects of hands on e-commerce has backed this up further, so now some clever bods have legitimised my own belief’s let’s look a bit more.

When you see a hand doing something there’s an automatic feeling attached to it.  Those feelings can vary enormously & will be reflective of this subject matter too.  For example a hand holding a fluffy yellow chick or stroking a kitten is going to evoke different feelings to the hands of someone planting a seed, or butchering a joint of meat.

Feelings you can create by using hands include

🎠 Love
🎠 Affection
🎠 Nurturing
🎠 Caring
🎠 Intrigue
🎠 Fascination
🎠 Anger
🎠 Embarrassment

& so many more!

That’s a valuable tool in their branding armoury too.

Ownership & Relatability

Possibly the biggest outcome of using a hand, particularly where a product is involved, is the feeling of ownership towards that product.  If the product or service being shown next to hands feels like it could be yours then there’s a far greater conversion to discover more or purchase.

Be warned though, it’s not just about making sure there’s a hand somewhere in the image – it needs to be relevantly placed (holding, touching, stroking) & it needs to be authentic too.

Some of my own most engaging ‘selfie’ style images are those with my hands wrapped around a mug of something like hot chocolate.  It creates a fuzzy “I want that” feeling,  or “well she’s relatable to me, I want to know more about who she is & what she does”.

Such a simple but hugely effective piece of content – so make sure you include hand photos in your feed too!

Thanks for reading & if you need help in this area, or know someone who’d really benefit from a Brand Photography session, then please do get in touch today.

Until next time…

Rachel x