What are Incognito Brand Photos?

Incognito photos are an ideal way for me to shoot you (or your team) with the products you make or to demonstrate the service you offer, without being fully identified in brand photos.  

This simple, but highly effective way of creating additional images for your brand can give greater longevity to your brand library.  Here are just a few ways why they really work as an option within your Marketing Pillars.


New website photography for Berensens Solicitors

We all change visually, and so does your team.  

So many reasons why, including hairstyle or colour and naturally we age too.  Incognito photos will help reduce the need to re-shoot to cover issues like this.

Your team changes.

It can be a problem at times if some of your photos feature members of your team who no longer work with you. However if they aren’t so identifiable as it’s only their hands/torso/back being seen then you are probably OK to keep using those shots that include them.


Incognito Brand Shoot Photos by Rachel Collins Photography

Ideal for those that don’t want to be seen. 

For those that are more than a little camera shy, they present you with a great way to still show 
what you offer, whilst retaining the ever-engaging human element within a photograph.

So they create a safe space for you and your team to be involved whilst keeping the product or service the shining star.



It’s a much-proven and stated fact, that hands in an image significantly improve the engagement you’ll get.  

Having a human element involved in photographs provides your ideal client with an easy to understand way that your product or service, would ‘look’ in their lives too.   As an example, I regularly shoot for a leading equestrian silver jewellery brand.  Many of their images show the products physically being worn but in a way that doesn’t identify the wearer.  

Great for perspective too.

Putting it all together

So that’s 3 very simple perks to including these kinds of shots within your next brand shoot with me.   Each option provides you with a way to highlight your brand for your ideal customers, without you being distracted by elements that don’t quite sit right for you anymore.

Have fun with your content creation!

Rachel x