What is Evergreen?

In the world of marketing the phrase Evergreen Content is frequently mentioned, but what actually is it? Why should you always plan to create it as part of your marketing plans.

Evergreen content works the whole year round.  It’s not topical or seasonal, it doesn’t relate to a specific date or campaign.  Quite simply it’s generic, long lasting content that’s the basis of a marketing strategy too. Content that is as relevant today as it was yesterday.  Content you can keep referring to it and or keep repurposing it.

Topical or Seasonal content tends to have a much shorter life span.  You won’t be able to wheel it out all year as it’s specific to topical events or subjects.  It could cover such areas as Black Friday, the Olympics, Easter holiday ideas or maybe the race to a national leadership campaign. 

Below I’ll give you some examples of Evergreen content that you could try. 


Evergreen Content Example

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are a great tool and will help both you and your ideal client to understand the basics behind your product or service  before getting in touch or making a purchase.

Examples from my brand might be…

  • What to ask your Photographer.
  • What you should take to your Brand Shoot.
  • What to consider wearing to your Brand Shoot.
  • What happens once your shoot is over?


Brand Shoot client testimonial for Rachel Collins Photography

There’s a great saying – Proof sells, promises don’t – and there’s nothing more likely to build trust or strengthen your opportunity to gain more clients than reviews and testimonials.

Sharing reviews throughout your marketing, whether that’s via social media, your website, Google or Pinterest will increase awareness of your ability and service levels and are an excellent option for Evergreen content.

How To’s

What is Evergreen Content

“How To” guides can be a brilliant way to show your knowledge on a topic and help others increase their own at the same time.  Your ideal client finds you appealing and helpful.

Examples could be:

  • How to take a great Selfie
  • How to write effect copy
  • How to re-paint your kitchen cupboards
  • How to help prevent back pain

The Perks

Creating evergreen content will help you attract more traffic to your own website, it will help save money with your marketing budget and you’ll spend less time creating content too – more time to do other things!

Other perks include better lead generation, improved search engine optimisation (SEO) and the content will growth and thrive rather than being a ‘one hit wonder/here today gone tomorrow’ reaction that more topical content can deliver.  I’ve already mentioned that it helps create authority in your niche too. 

Evergreen should never be your only kind of content, you need to learn to blend this with other options, such as topical content.  

Have fun with your content creation!

Rachel x