Why Are Brand Mood Boards Important?

As part of running a premium brand shoot service, one of the steps I have my clients go through is to create a mood board.

Mood boards were once thought of as the domain of designers, but as part of what I do as a photographer is to design the shoot alongside the client, mood boards are a super tool massively inspirational not only to me but also the brand too….


I’ll explain…

Who Needs a Mood Board?

There’s a long list of who would benefit from using Mood Boards ranging from event planners, brides & bloggers through to project managers, branding experts, interior designers & other creatives – like me, the photographer.

I use them as part of the brand shoot planning process with a client.  I first started using them during the original UK Covid Lockdown.  It was a great way for the communication & visual planning of a future brand shoot to continue for those who had a shoot delayed or were looking to get on top of their visual content at a time when they totally recognised how important online visibility was.

I find mood boards build a stronger connection between the brand & their visions, which means I can also get under their skin & story much more easily.

This simply comes down to the old saying  – A picture is worth a thousand words.

When clients struggles to explain what sort of thing they want/like, turning to visual clues & creating a board of images they like or are inspired by instantly provides some clarity for me. I don’t expect my clients (who work in a really wide range of industries) to necessarily understand photography styles, in the same way I can’t answer questions about their industry widgets & wotnots.

But, by using a mood board you can go from hearing things like ‘Well I like blue & I think I like bright photos?’ to discovering it’s turquoise they actually like, with a bright, white, light, airy feel to them.  They like soft furnishings & floaty clothing, rather than harsh lines & strong looks.

So the mood board is a great tool that brings 2 businesses together with a common understanding & consistency in what we are working towards.

More Benefits…

Another benefit would be it gives the brand themselves a real chance to ‘check-in’ with their own brand identity, story & values.  It’s amazing just how many businesses are not consistent in what they create or portray, or how many people within a business would struggle to know if something is on brand or not. Having a mood board will help keep their creativity consistent.

When your brand’s look & feel is clearly communicated across your team, it helps any decision that affects your brand’s image.  You can rely on the mood board for inspiration & guidance.

It’s a visual checking device.

One entrepreneur I know always says to me;

“Does what you are about to do/suggest/product/deliver fit in line with your vision?  If not then don’t do it…”

How Do I Create a Mood Board?

You could create them either virtually (storing it online in an easily accessible location) or create a physical one.  A physical one could be full of magazine pictures, samples of material, wallpaper, paint swatches or swing tags from brands.

To be honest I have both in my life but for the brand shoots I suggest they are virtually so they can be easily shared between all relevant parties. The idea is that you pull together all the thigns that you feel represent your brand – whether that’s photography style, colour palettes, th

Here’s a couple of handy ways to create virtual ones…

    • Pinterest is a great place to create a board.  You can keep it secret, share it to other parties, or let the world it.
    • Canva is another fab option to design one.  It’s a free online tool for creating graphics.

Why not save the resulting file & have it as a screensaver to keep you motivated/guided by it…

Once I’ve received a clients mood board I go through a few processes of my own to pull things together & create a brief that fits well with what they’ve sent me for inspiration.

What’s not to like about it?

Thanks for reading & if you need help in this area, or know someone who’d really benefit from a Brand Photography session, then please do get in touch today.

Until next time…

Rachel x