When is the right time to Re-Brand?

…. and why bother?

Branding is about the heart & soul of your business – it’s not just about pretty colours or swanky logos.  It’s how you speak, how you write, how you serve, your story, your identity, your ‘why’ & many more things besides.

When I got married it would have been super easy to continue in business as Rachel Bragg Photography.  Ever since I’d been a Pro photographer my surname name has been ‘Bragg’, even if for the first few years I went by the company name of Sweet-Images (by Rachel Bragg). 

The years of content created all swung back to Rachel Bragg, all the leg work done in building a brand came with that name.  Search engines found me straight away.  SEO was reasonably good at ‘Bragg’ & it wasn’t a common name, so also quite memorable for many. 

There was much sense to do nothing.  Just change my name personally & leave the business name where it was.  Many marketing types agreed.

But ultimately it felt wrong… 

I’ve always completely agreed that Personal Branding is the heart & soul of your business.  It mixes in with your personal identity along the way too. By marrying I hadn’t exactly changed, look in the mirror & still physically see ‘me’ but inside, my life is a little different now, there’s an extra dimension to it… 

It’s like my fingerprints have changed somehow?

So to truly reflect this shift in my personal life I wanted my professional life to truly reflect it too.  However tricky it was going to be, I wanted to be known correctly.  The good thing for my clients is that I didn’t want to change anything else, the rest of the branding was perfect & if the only thing that visually changed for my potential clients was the surname, then it makes it ‘easier’ for them to make the link in confidence.

So the ‘re-build’ has begun.

New URL’s for websites, new email addresses etc but with everything still pointing to the ‘old’ stuff it means you can still reach me if you use the old addresses too.  


Branding is a hugely personal experience & not everyone will share my view on it.  But if it feels wrong, it will niggle & niggle you & you just won’t settle….  You won’t feel truly connected.

Thanks for reading & if you need help in this area, or know someone who’d really benefit from a Brand Photography session, then please do get in touch today.

Until next time…

Rachel x