The right size dimensions for photos within each of your Social Media platforms can be hugely confusing.  Your gorgeous photo that perfectly explains what you do or sell looks great in your album but online it can often be placed in an odd or awkward way.  Suddenly the point of the photo is a bit, well lost.

I’ve already covered the best sizes for your Instagram account, if you missed it though you’ll find it here

In this article I’ll concentrate on Facebook.

Getting your content, both visual & text based, on Facebook is really important as there’s over 44 million users in the UK, 44% of which use it daily (2022).  I’m not here to tell you what the best kind of content is, simply to give you the optimum sizes for any kind of photo you may want to upload.  As with Instagram I’m not suggesting that you can’t upload a picture at any old dimension, because you certainly can.  Just remember that images that aren’t big enough look awful & there’s not much point throwing in a huge image (dimension wise) for the sake of it.

Below are the ‘ideal’ images sizes in pixels for each current style of static (ie photo) based areas within Facebook.  I’ll go deeper into the why’s for many of them a little further down as it’s worth understanding why…

  • Facebook Profile                    360 x 360px

  • Facebook Page Cover           1640 x 924px

  • Facebook Group Cover        1640 x 856px

  • Facebook Event Cover         1200 x 628px

  • Facebook Ad                            1200 x 628px

  • Facebook Ad Carousel         1080 x 1080px

  • Facebook Post                         1200 x 1200px

  • Facebook Shop                       1600 x 1200px

  • Facebook Story                       1080 x 1920px

OK, let’s look a few of these in a bit more detail –  starting with your Facebook Profile.  On personal pages this still slots into a place over the cover picture.   The best upload dimensions are 360 x 360 pixels, but note that this will be seen  smaller in all mobile devices, so please ensure the clarity of the original image you upload is good enough.  No-one wants to see a pixelated poor quality profile picture – at least you shouldn’t be aiming for that on a business page!

Your cover picture on a Facebook Page Cover has an optimum dimensional size of 1640 x 924 pixels.  If you go larger than this you may need to nudge the image about as you set it in order for the picture to sit as best as you can.  So the best way forward is to always size your image in the first place.  If you go smaller then you could get some distortion.  File size needs to be addressed, so I’d not recommend using an image smaller than 100kb.

There are plenty of Aps around that give you the chance to create a template for your social media covers.  I use Canva but there are lots of others to work with.

Moving on to Facebook Posts.  A shared image is a huge tool within Facebook as it’s a really visual platform.  This kind of post is what will show up for your followers in their feeds so getting the right size to make an impact on your potential new client should matter to you.  In recent months the best performing size is a square at 1200 x 1200. So for those of you that love the 100% square look on Instagram you can now bring that over into Facebook too if you like.  Of course you can use rectangular images (I mostly do) but just bear in mind these are the sizes being suggested.

Facebook Stories came into the platform from around 2017, but have only really started to become more used in the last couple of years & are now viewed by many as a second feed.  Creating images that are sized 1080 x 1920 pixels will work for both Facebook Stories & Insta Stories!!!

The last area I want to briefly touch on is for those that run either Events or Groups through Facebook.  Subtle differences in the cover image should be paid attention too.

As I mentioned at the start of this blog, whilst these are all optimal dimensions for each situation, the world won’t crash down around you if you don’t use them.  However when you do use these dimensions/ratios then you are giving your content the a seriously strong chance.

Naturally though it’s still down to you to create the best possible content to use as these photos though….

I hope this article has been of help.  Canva is honestly one of the best tools to use for sizing posts & images for various social media platforms, so I really would recommend getting to grips with this super simple, super versatile Ap.

Rachel x

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