What is Seasonal Photography?

You want to make the most of your brand shoot. No, scratch that, you NEED to make the most out of your brand shoot. Whoever you have it with.

I’ve mention the general benefits of having year round/seasonal photos to use within your brand content marketing in a previous blog, if you’ve not yet read that one you’ll find it here.

In this article I’m looking a little closer at the subject with examples of options to consider.

What to plan for

It’s not just about the here-and-now shots.
Don’t think it’s just about the new products you created, or showing the new service you are offering.
It’s more than just about updating your branding images as they’ve changed.

There’s more to it than this, and a small amount of planning will offer you great savings in the long run….

You’ve heard me ramble on about Evergreen Content.  So you’ve got an understanding of the importance of those kinds of shots for your library.  But it’s good practice to create seasonal shots too. Shots that give you depth to your year of content. There’s nothing worse than talking about spring colours if all you have is shots from August or October.

Yes, you can fake some seasons (or create ‘hints’ of a season) by using props and set ups in a studio styled situation, but what about outside shots, that appear to be in right in the moment?

Having seasonal photos provides more flexibility, more relevance, and paints a more relatable and engaging opportunity for you.

Examples below.  Each one doesn’t feature a person (in this case also giving the content more longevity too) but each one features the product within each of the seasons.  

So how do you manage this, especially when funds are tight or businesses are new and there are many things on your To Do list?

Seasonal subscription options from brand photographers like me are a good place to start. Look out for options that give you multiple shoots in a year as they give you a great opportunity to plan, either for seasonal campaigns or just year-round relevant photos.  Work with your photographer and take that time to plan a years needs.

By the way, I offer payment plans to help spread the financial load, making it even easier than before to get involved with your marketing plans.

If you want to discuss your opportunity for a regular shoots and give your brand the year round content it deserves, then get in touch today or sign up to my newsletter to recieve tips and offers that may bring your marketing closer to where you want it.

Rachel x