On Location…. Countrywomans Guide

July saw the exciting launch of a new online magazine that’s been in planning for a fair time now.  The Countrywomans Guide is the brainchild of 2 entrepreneurs – Holly Thompson and Emma Warren.

So what is the Countrywomans Guide (CWG)?

Countrywoman’s Guide is a country-inspired, slow and seasonal living focused online publication, celebrating and bringing together, the countryside community.

As soon as I was told about CWG I knew they’d be speaking ‘my language’.  I’ve personally felt that whilst there are some incredible country based publications available, none of them were quite grabbing me for long, they ticked some boxes but not enough for me to remain engaged with them.  So what makes this one different?


Countryside Credentials

The starting point in this new venture is the people behind the spanking new brand, I can directly relate to both of them from a business perspective as well as a personal one, and because both of them have a storytelling narrative that makes me lean in more. 

Holly is from the South Downs and runs a livery yard.  Horses are part of her life and have shaped her along the way too.  That’s directly relatable to me, so I feel anything she’s going to say from the equestrian side of country life will be relevant and realistic too.  Emma is not only the Director of the equestrian jewellery super brand Hiho Silver but she runs the luxury glamping site Dimpsey Glamping in the heart of the Blackdown Hills in Somerset, a seaside-based holiday home and also consults for probably the biggest shepherd hut companies.

Whilst they are bringing different experiences to this publication and have quite different age profiles, they have so many shared views and approaches to life.

In short, they both eat, breathe and understand the countryside. The true countryside.


Country Community

So what was the thought process behind CWG?

In their launch post on Substack (if you are unfamiliar with Substack, it’s a newish platform for writers and podcasters to publish) they have this to say…

“There’s so much hidden away in the folds of the countryside. By exploring and sharing stories, we hope to inspire, inform and create an across the ages country community of guidance and empowerment.

The countryside community celebrates wisdom without the barriers of age, skills to be shared and slow and seasonal living, as well as the timeless confidence that as time passes things change and wounds heal”.

That really resonated with me, some might say it’s a bit ‘Woo/tree huggy’, but to my mind, it’s just how the world used to be in the countryside, how things happened, how we learnt too – and this is what they want to revive in our modern world.  

Their brand shoot was easy, relaxed and simple.  No flouncing required here, just 2 ladies, a farm, farm vehicles, their dogs and a mutual respect for each other and all that surrounds them.

Thanks for reading.

Rachel x

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