On Location…. Lissa Milton Yoga

Did you know Yoga is not just a physical practice?  It’s a holistic approach to well-being that aims to harmonise various aspects of your life, promoting balance and inner peace. 

Inner peace is very much at the heart of Somerset Yoga practitioner – Lissa Milton and just a few minutes with her will put you in a much calmer frame of mind, even without practising Yoga with her.



I first met Lissa in the early summer of 2023 and very quickly I realised this was a lady who was warmly embracing her change in career, having qualified in recent years as a Yoga instructor. 

It takes real courage to walk away from a known industry and established career in order to follow an entirely new path in your professional life, but now, a few years on from that decision, Lissa is thriving with a growing number of classes in the Ilminster area.   However, she made contact with me as she wasn’t entirely sure how best to capture what she does.  Wanting to evoke a feeling or emotion to discover more without overly personalising those students taking part.

Over coffee, we came up with a plan to cover this.


From Post Natal Yoga through to Chair Yoga

Lissa’s aim is to support a wide variety of people in the local community, offering options for all.  I was with Lissa over a few days for her brand shoot and watching her warmly and calmly interact with her students was a real joy to bear witness.  Her enjoyment of taking these classes is very apparent.

During our time together Lissa gave me an insight into her versatility as an instructor as I photographed her during two very different classes.  Chair yoga and a post-natal yoga class.

Chair yoga offers a variety of physical, mental, and emotional benefits, making it an excellent option for people of all ages and fitness levels, especially those with limited mobility or physical challenges. Postnatal yoga offers numerous benefits for new mothers as they navigate the physical and emotional changes that come with pregnancy, childbirth, and early motherhood.

Through both, and her other classes, Lissa is creating a really lovely support network.  Her classes are a wonderful way to connect with others, make new friendships and share experiences together while learning to love their minds and bodies at the same time.

Her Post-natal yoga class was a particularly heartwarming experience for me watching mothers bond with their new babies.  It really was a blissful atmosphere for me to work in and I was delighted to be able to support Lissa in this way and provide her with a real depth of imagery for her business needs going forward.

Until next time.

Rachel x

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