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5 Super Simple Posing Tips

5 Super Simple Posing Tips for your Brand Shoot The percentage of people who feel uncomfortable in front of the camera is higher than you think, I'm used to be one of these too until I was shown & taught some really simple ways to feel much easier while the camera is clicking & [...]

Why Are Brand Mood Boards Important?

Why Are Brand Mood Boards Important? As part of running a premium brand shoot service, one of the steps I have my clients go through is to create a mood board. Mood boards were once thought of as the domain of designers, but as part of what I do as a photographer is to [...]

6 Ways To Use Your Brand Photos

6 Ways to Use Your Brand Photos You've had a Brand Shoot, or maybe you are really tempted to get involved, but you aren't overly sure how best to use the images you'll get from that shoot.  It's confusing, so you just don't bother & that fabulous library of images created just for YOUR [...]

Brand Shoots Explained: Pt 1 – What is a Brand Shoot?

What is a Brand Shoot? The phrase 'Brand Shoot' get's wafted around a lot doesn't it, but what does it REALLY mean?  Let me break it down into one simple sentence... Brand Shoots create photographs that help a business, a brand or a person to promote themselves & sell more products or services. How does [...]

Is Your Brand Shoot Authentic?

Is Your Brand Shoot Authentic? "Is your Brand Shoot Authentic?" Sounds like a daft question doesn't it. I promise you, it's really not though. The thing about the internet, and particularly Social Media, is that there is a ton of inspiration out there when you begin to really consider having a brand shoot for [...]

3 Key Images Every Brand Shoot Needs

The Absolute Must Have... Oh my word, if I had a £1 for every time I'm asked this question, or a variation of it, I'd be skipping down the road on the way to buy a new camera or two. Seriously though, it's a big question for many so it deserves some time to [...]

3 Reasons I am NOT your Photographer

I'm not being rude... but You need a photographer for a planned event or for a campaign you have coming up.  It feels like a minefield to you and you aren't sure where to begin.  You Google 'Photographers Near Me' or maybe you've spoken to a friend or work colleague you know used a [...]

How to use photos in Insta/Facebook Shops that convert!

Convincing product photography is a must for your shops to convert. We're really in a time where traditional shopping is pretty problematic and for some sectors it's nearly impossible in the UK.  With so many businesses moving online one of the biggest growth areas for online retail has been seen through Facebook and Instagram Shops. [...]

Making Lockdown Memories

We’re all now Pro’s at this Lockdown thing, even if we don’t want to be.  We’ve become even better jugglers, bakers, scientists and motivators than ever before.  We’ve brought different routines to our lives, discovered ways to keep in touch, we’ve learnt tonnes of stuff, got outside more, found some incredible resources [...]

How to get the most from your Etsy Photos

One of the best used websites for small businesses right now is Etsy, an online marketplace designed for independent creative retailers to sell their wares to buyers from anywhere.  It’s the perfect one stop shop for many who are looking for something handmade, something crafty or vintage.  The simple business behind [...]

Brand Story – How sales rocketed with better photos for Etsy

In this blog you're going to get compulsive information and advice from a brand where the right product photography helped take the sales for a great little British Brand from pretty much zero to hero in a ridiculously short time. You'll learn thanks to the openness and honesty of one business owner as she goes through [...]