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What is Evergreen Content

What is Evergreen? In the world of marketing the phrase Evergreen Content is frequently mentioned, but what actually is it? Why should you always plan to create it as part of your marketing plans. Evergreen content works the whole year round.  It's not topical or seasonal, it doesn't relate to a specific date or [...]

How Photography can Reduce Returns with your Online Sales

Essential to Business One of the known perils of an online retail company is the Risk of Returns.  In a recent report at least 30% of orders are returned, that's a huge difference to products purchased directly in store where the rate is below 10%.  With annual events such as Black Friday & Cyber [...]

On Location…. Blackdown Shepherd Huts

On Location.... Blackdown Shepherd Huts I've been lucky enough to work directly with Blackdown Shepherd Huts here in Somerset for a few years now.  Long been admired in the Glamping market as the go-to brand for authentic, bespoke huts thanks to their incredible craftsmanship and innovation, Blackdown Shepherd Huts was started in 2011 by [...]

3 Lessons Learn

3 Easy-Peasy Business Tips Being in business can at times feel ridiculously hard, can't it.  You start to get to grips with one of the many roles you are supposed to be doing, think you're nailing it & suddenly some ugly troll like creature shows up to give you a million reminders of all [...]

Jubilee Tips – The Story in a Story

The Art of Telling Stories Photographers, other creatives & Marketing teams often talk about 'Storytelling' when discussing branding, whether that's a personal brand or otherwise, but you may be wondering quite what that entails.  We aren't talking about grabbing a book & settling down in a comfy armchair with an avidly waiting audience & [...]

How To – Use Your Headshot Photos

Starchy & Stiff is Dead Before we dive into how to use Headshots & how beneficial they are, I want to briefly cover the overall subject of them. Recognising that having some brand headshots would be a great idea for your business is important - knowing the type of headshot that would demonstrate who [...]

Brand Shoots Explained: Pt 5 – Don’t Waste Money!

How to Avoid Wasting Money! Hello again! Welcome back to my series which explains everything you really need to know about Brand Shoots.  In this latest blog I want to look at how to save you money - yep, that's right, I want to save YOU money... If you have stumbled on this episode [...]

Show them your Hands!

Get Hands On! In many of my blogs on here or tips on my social media sites you'll see recommendations as to the types of photos your brand shoot needs to really provide a good all round story for your business & good variation of content to use.  However there is one particular kind [...]

Brand Shoots Explained: Pt 4 – Outfits & More!

What to Wear Hello again! Welcome back to this little series which explains all you really need to know about a Brand Shoot.  In this blog I’m going to look at a little deeper at a area that frequently comes up as an area of concern or confusion at first with clients – what [...]

Brand Shoots Explained: Pt 3 – Location Location

Location Location If you've been following this series - Brand Shoots Explained - then you'll know so far I've explained what a Brand Shoot is & how valuable to your business it is & I've also got you to think about what images you need & why. If you want to catch up with [...]

Why Re-brand after a Marriage?

When is the right time to Re-Brand? .... and why bother? Branding is about the heart & soul of your business - it’s not just about pretty colours or swanky logos.  It’s how you speak, how you write, how you serve, your story, your identity, your ‘why’ & many more things besides. When I [...]

When a Photographer needs a Photographer!

What happens when a Photographer needs the services of another Photographer?! I’ve always given tips on how to take your own photographs but there are times when even I need the services of another photographer in life. Getting married is one of those times. With the best will in the world & a hugely [...]